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best of one tree hill | ”i’m so glad i’m an oth fan” moments
hundred [x]
LUCAS: When I was a boy, my family took me on a trip. We didn’t go to any exotic place, we didn’t go anywhere glamorous. We just drove.
JAMIE: Where did you go, Uncle Lucas? 
LUCAS: We drove the back roads of Tree Hill. And we saw all kinds of wonderful things. 
JAMIE: But where were you going? 
LUCAS: Everywhere. Anywhere. But where we ended up really wasn’t the point. It was the things we saw, and the people we met along the way.
JAMIE: Who was with you?
LUCAS: It was just my mom, my uncle and me. 
JAMIE: Where was your daddy?
LUCAS: He wasn’t there. But something happened that day - something magical.
JAMIE: What was it? What happened?
LUCAS: My uncle let me drive. 
JAMIE: Were you scared?
o, I mean.. the truth is, I’m not sure I ever felt safer. That day.. in that car with my mum, my uncle.. was one of the best days of my life. Just like today. 

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